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So your interested in becoming a member of Macintosh Sisters, our new list is now hosted on our own system, though we still retain the yahoo list presence.
If you have the option to of joining either our site and e-list, only the site, or only the e-list. - note each of the below linked areas will open on its own page.
As a member Macintosh Sister's e-list, you will recieve access to:
E-list - for general discussions, asking help, and much more.
Newsletter - published monthly, Mac OS information, software reviews, hardware reviews, classifieds, feature article, and much more.
Special Offers - buy items from the user group only mug store, get rebates from sponsors and much more.
As a member of the site you will recieve access to:
Fourm - Privet member only areas to post questions, answers, tips, tricks and much more.
Members List - a listing for those members who have joined the site.
Private Messages - for those who have joined the site, and wish to communicate with other members of the site
Reviews - read posted reviews of various products, programs, and much more.
Stories Archive - here you can read past news articels that might be of interest to you, and even current news that has been posted to the site.
Topics - here you can read articles that have been posted on various topics, that might interest you.
Web Information - tutorials on html, advice on web hosting, advice on maintaining a site and much more.
Your Account - this is where you can administer your site members account.

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Macintosh Sisters (.org) main site is offline.

Macintosh Sisters e-List is back with yahoogroups.


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