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Welcome to Macintosh Sisters homepage, let us introduce ourselves. We are an International Female only Macintosh User Group, who use the Macintosh Computer. We are both a tech a support group for all female Macintosh Users, from all walks of life.

We are both an online and offline group, with our primary base in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and our second base in Provance, RI, USA. We have bimonthly meetings that you are welcome to attend if your in the area, however most of our monthly meetings and weekly chats take place online.

For members we have a monthly members only newsletter, which showcases reviews on various mac software, hardware and other macintosh news interests.

Macintosh Sisters was offically established on October 18th 1995, and has been running for close to eight years now. So if your female, a Macintosh User and are interested in joining our group, please come and join us.


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Macintosh Sisters (.org) main site is offline.

Macintosh Sisters e-List is back with yahoogroups.

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